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  • v3.5.0_Beta5 (Reuploaded with hotfix for crash faced by webdav users)

    - Added a Help center with FAQs, Common issues, etc. in (Account tab > Help center)

    - Apps: Guide on how to use configs available in the Help center mentioned above

    - Apps: New system apps filter 'Labelled/Favorites'

    - Apps: New filter for 'Not labelled' apps

    - Apps: In the detail screen of the apps, the installed app's cache size is shown separately

    - Apps: Max allowed apps in blacklist increased from 20 to 50

    - Call Logs: Fixes for restore issues on Xiaomi/MIUI devices

    - Schedules: Fixed config schedule not running for some users

    - Cloud: FTP option is now visible as a beta feature

    - Other minor fixes

    Nextcloud by Webo.hosting

  • v3.5.0_Beta6

    - Apps: Added action to batch apply labels (Apps > Batch actions)

    - Messages/Call Logs settings: Added 1 as an option for maximum backups to keep

    - Removed Ads

    - Removed in-app help center, please use swiftapps.org/help for now.

    - Fixed some issues related to device logcat capturing, buggy sorting of apps in some lists, and a few other minor bugs.

    Nextcloud by Webo.hosting

  • v3.5.0_Beta7


    This update brings significant breaking changes to app data backup format. Please note:

    - App backups taken with this beta CANNOT be restored with any previous versions of the app. Backups taken with previous versions can be restored with this version.

    - WebDAV/FTP cloud connections will be disconnected and you will have to connect them again.


    - Apps: Proper symlinks backup support for restoring apps like Andronix, Termux, (Please provide feedback).

    - Apps: Removed the limit which halts batch app restore when facing some specific errors

    - Minor bug fixes

    Download im op

  • v3.5.0 (Google Play release)

    Please read the full changelog: www.swiftapps.org/blog/release-v350

    Release highlights

    - New premium features: App labels, Multiple backup schedules, Custom app backup/restore configurations

    - Local batch backup/restore of apps is now a free feature. App cloud backups are now a premium feature. Non-premium users can still restore existing app cloud backups.

    - Experimental support for ROMs without Google Play Services as you can now sign-in with Google using a browser


    - You may need to reconnect your Cloud service in the app for this release.

    - It is advised to take fresh backups for apps with this version due to new backup optimizations added in this version.

    Are backups taken with older SB versions supported on this version?

    Of course. Yes.

  • 3.5.1 (Google Play release)

    - Fixed a crash occurring on Android 12 DP3 during app backup/restore

    - Cloud: Fixed some minor issues with WebDAV connections and added support for using ipv6 in url

    - Schedule: Fixed an app filtering issue for app schedules

    - Schedule: Fixed cloud service not initializing during schedule run in some cases

    - Other minor fixes

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