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    • Many improvements, optimizations and fixes.
    • Changed Content provider address. You probably need to update your shortcuts like those saved in home screen.
    • If the Breadcrumb bar is enabled by default and you don't want it, disable it from the Settings + More settings.
    • Fixed startup freezing when using custom themes.
    • Search recursively for Type: Folder, to get information about all sub folders.
    • Add .nothumbnail to a folder to disable thumbnails.

    moin moin

    wenn ich mich recht entsinne.hatte doch samsung das doch deaktiviert auf stock.

    alternative kannst du auch systemapps sd maid klappt das ganz gut.problem hier bei ist dass die bloat apps schon updates gezogen haben und nun auf der data liegen und sd maid greift somit net richtig.

    man müsste vorher die app updates deinstallieren

    Swift Installer v492 released

    Common overlay changes:

    • Whatsapp: fixed status add icon alignment and fixed attachment icons not picking up accent

    • Twitter: now supports v8.82.0

    • Snapchat: added support for v11.16

    • Swiftkey (only on the API levels on which the overlay is available): fixed v7.7 erroring

    • Telegram theme: fixed contrast when recording audio, recreate the theme to apply

    • Snapchat: added support for v11.17

    Android R changes:

    • Google Contacts: fixes for floating dialogs having lighter color and FAB contrast

    • Dolby Atmos: ported the overlay, but some parts are not themeable on R

    • SD Maid: added overlay